Creeks, Banks and Nature Parks

Mother Nature's preferred avenues for carrying fallen rain toward the sea, while supporting a great variety of life forms
Storm surges and erosion are reduced by well-adapted, deeply-rooted vegetation that capture & hold soils in place
Nature Parks
Open Space
Overland water flows from heavy rains are moderated by infiltration, evaporation, transpiration & resistance to flow

Principal Waterways in Bexar County
Cibolo Creek
Leon Creek
Medina River
San Antonio River
Salado Creek

WIAC H&H CC Watershed
HH Cycle
Nature Parks in Bexar County
Crescent Bend Nature Park
Crown Ridge Canyon Natural Area
Eisenhower Park
Friedrich Wilderness Park
Government Canyon State Natural Area
Medina River Natural Area
Mitchell Lake
Rancho Diana

Natural to Developed

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